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Blood Pressure control without medicine

High blood pressure is a major public health problem. Normal blood pressure is defined as blood pressure of less than 120/80 mm of Hg. High blood pressure leads to heart attack, stroke, heart failure and kidney failure.


Heartburn is a burning sensation in your chest that often occurs with a bitter taste in your throat or mouth. The symptoms of heartburn may get worse after you eat a large meal, spicy/fatty meal or when

Ischaemic Heart Disease – Commonest cause of death worldwide

By Prof. (Dr.) Anjan Lal Dutta, MD, DM(Cardiology), FACC (USA), Clinical Director – Department of Cardiology Ischaemic heart disease (IHD) is a common heart disease of adults and it results from diminished blood supply to heart muscles.

We take a lot of pride in projecting our hospital as a highly responsible organisation – Dr Sujit Kar Purkayastha

IDEA THAT MADE AN ACHIEVER – Dr Sujit Kar Purkayastha

Kidney Stone

By Dr Rajendra Prasad Ray, MS, DNB, MCh (Urology) 1. What is a kidney stone? A kidney stone is a hard object that is made from chemicals in the urine. Urine has various wastes dissolved in it. When


Q1) What is high risk pregnancy? A pregnancy when associated with potential complications that could affect the mother, the baby, or both is called high risk pregnancy. High-risk pregnancies require management by a specialist best outcome for


1)      What is Ring worm infection? Skin infection caused by a fungus called, Tinea rubrum/ Tinea mentagrophytes that infects skin, hair and nails. 2)      What areas of the body can be affected? Tinea infection can affect any part of the skin. Most commonly seen


What is frozen shoulder? Frozen shoulder is stiffness, pain, and limited range of movement in the shoulder region. It may happen due to an injury or overuse or may be associated with diseases such as diabetes or

Are you sleeping when you should be Awake?

Prevent Sleep Apnea :: What do you mean by sleep disorder? When the sleep is “not in order” or abnormal it is called sleep disorder. It has a range , starting from simple snoring to a condition