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Mr. Sudipta Bhowmik
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Mr. Kalyan Roy
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In the present scenario of healthcare area, a good number of COVID 19 patients are getting admitted in the hospitals. A certain percentage of them require ventilation etc for life- support, but a significant number falls under mild to moderate variety according to subjective complaints. Physiotherapy, for these cases, can help a lot for regaining normalcy in performance.

Physiotherapy for COVID patients is comprised of two different modes of management. Those are:

  1. a) For managing Respiratory issues, and
  2. b) For managing consequential weakness and deconditioning.

Mr. Kalyan Roy

Respiratory issues are addressed by:

1) Increasing Lung capacity

2) Improving Breathing Pattern and

3) Enhancing endurance of Respiratory Muscles.

Lung capacity is increased with i) Segmental Breathing Exercises, ii) Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises, and iii) Incentive Spirometric Exercise with Coach 2 Spirometer, preferably in prone position.

Breathing pattern is improved by educating normal ways of respiration in a stage-wise manner. Respiratory Muscle endurance is achieved with Shoulder Girdle Exercises and strengthening of Pectoral, Scapular and Scalene muscles.

For generalized weakness and deconditioning, range of Motion Exercises are applied for regaining and maintaining flexibility, along with graduated assisted active exercises for regaining muscular ability as a whole. In-bed mobility, Transfer techniques and assisted mobility is taught in a sequential manner to encourage self-dependence in a gradual manner.

During discharge, family people are given inputs regarding present ability status and post discharge physiotherapy patterns to be undertaken at home.

There is a significant role of physiotherapy in managing patients with COVID 19 and the outcome is mostly favorable with the team work of strong workforce of the physiotherapy department and partnership of the patient.

Team Physiotherapy: Mr. Gopal Sarkar, Ms. Jukta Ghoshal, Ms. Rajashree Barman, Mr. Probir Kumar Datta, Ms. Rojina Khatun, Ms. Ankita Das

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